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This is the Grand Shipping Clock! So here’s how it works!
The hour (shorter hand) will be the first person in the ship and the minute (longer hand) will be the second person in the ship. The name of the pairing will contain the first half of the first person’s name and then the second half of the second person’s name. In this example: Terkat. But wait!What about the minutes in between?Good question!Well I’ll just show you by listing all the ships!AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL OF THEM!!!!!!!!Here we go!

1:00-1:04=Tavida 1:05-1:09=Tavros 1:10-1:14=Tavllux 1:15-1:19=Tavkat 1:20-1:24=Taveta 1:25-1:29=Tavaya 1:30-1:34=Tavezi 1:35-1:39=Tavska 1:40-1:44=Tavius 1:45-1:49=Tavzee 1:50-1:54=Tavidan 1:55-1:59=Taveri

2:00-2:04=Solida 2:05-2:09=Solros 2:10-2:14=Sollux 2:15-2:19=Solkat 
2:20-2:24=Soleta 2:25-2:29=Solaya 2:30-2:34=Solezi 2:35-2:39=Solska
2:40-2:44=Solius 2:45-2:49=Solzee 2:50-2:54=Solidan 2:55-2:59=Soleri

3:00-3:04=Karida 3:05-3:09=Karros 3:10-3:14=Karlux 3:15-3:19=Karkat 
3:20-3:24=Kareta 3:25-3:29=Karaya 3:30-3:34=Karezi 3:35-3:39=Karska
3:40-3:44=Karius 3:45-3:49=Karzee 3:50-3:54=Karidan 3:55-3:59=Kareri

4:00-4:04=Nepida 4:05-4:09=Nepros 4:10-4:14=Neplux 4:15-4:19=Nepkat 
4:20-4:24=Nepeta 4:25-4:29=Nepaya 4:30-4:34=Nepezi 4:35-4:39=Nepska
4:40-4:44=Nepius 4:45-4:49=Nepzee 4:50-4:54=Nepidan 4:55-4:59=Neperi

5:00-5:04=Kanida 5:05-5:09=Kanros 5:10-5:14=Kanlux 5:15-5:19=Kankat 
5:20-5:24=Kaneta 5:25-5:29=Kanaya 5:30-5:34=Kanezi 5:35-5:39=Kanska
5:40-5:44=Kanius 5:45-5:49=Kanzee 5:50-5:54=Kanidan 5:55-5:59=Kaneri  

6:00-6:04=Terida 6:05-6:09=Terros 6:10-6:14=Terlux 6:15-6:19=Terkat 
6:20-6:24=Tereta 6:25-6:29=Teraya 6:30-6:34=Terezi 6:35-6:39=Terska
6:40-6:44=Terius 6:45-6:49=Terzee 6:50-6:54=Teridan 6:55-6:59=Tereri

7:00-7:04=Vriida 7:05-7:09=Vriros 7:10-7:14=Vrilux 7:15-7:19=Vrikat 
7:20-7:24=Vrieta 7:25-7:29=Vriaya 7:30-7:34=Vriezi 7:35-7:39=Vriska
7:40-7:44=Vriius 7:45-7:49=Vrizee 7:50-7:54=Vriidan 7:55-7:59=Vrieri

8:00-8:04=Equida 8:05-8:09=Equros 8:10-8:14=Equlux 8:15-8:19=Equkat 
8:20-8:24=Equeta 8:25-8:29=Equaya 8:30-8:34=Equezi 8:35-8:39=Equska
8:40-8:44=Equius 8:45-8:49=Equzee 8:50-8:54=Equidan 8:55-8:59=Equeri

9:00-9:04=Gamida 9:05-2:09=Gamros 9:10-9:14=Gamlux 9:15-9:19=Gamkat 
9:20-9:24=Gameta 9:25-9:29=Gamaya 9:30-9:34=Gamezi 9:35-9:39=Gamska
9:40-9:44=Gamius 9:45-9:49=Gamzee 9:50-9:54=Gamidan 9:55-9:59=Gameri

10:00-10:04=Eriida 10:05-10:09=Eriros 10:10-10:14=Erilux 10:15-10:19=Erikat 10:20-10:24=Erieta 10:25-10:29=Eriaya 10:30-10:34=Eriezi 10:35-10:39=Eriska 10:40-10:44=Eriius 10:45-10:49=Erizee 10:50-10:54=Eridan 10:55-10:59=Erieri

11:00-11:04=Fefida 11:05-11:09=Fefros 11:10-11:14=Feflux 11:15-11:19=Fefkat 11:20-11:24=Fefeta 11:25-11:29=Fefaya 11:30-11:34=Fefezi 11:35-11:39=Fefska 11:40-11:44=Fefius 11:45-11:49=Fefzee 11:50-11:54=Fefidan 11:55-11:59=Feferi

12:00-12:04=Araida 12:05-12:09=Araros 12:10-12:14=Aralux 12:15-12:19=Arakat 12:20-12:24=Araeta 12:25-12:29=Araaya 12:30-12:34=Araezi 12:35-12:39=Araska 12:40-12:44=Araius 12:45-12:49=Arazee 12:50-12:54=Araidan 12:55-12:59=Araeri 

There!All the ships!…But I see some of them are shiped by themself,What about those? Well you see…during those times (Ex:6:30-6:34=Terezi) Those are the times when they spend alone.
But what about the quadra-FUCK YOU I JUST SPENT 3 HOURS WRITING THIS!…HEE HEE HAA HAA HOO HOO~! (Anyways please contact me if you see any errors/suggestions >:])
(Here I also posted it on my deviantart ==> http://liselottehoshi.deviantart.com/#/d58verm <==) 

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